Clean House Garage Or Yard Sales

Do you sometimes feel that you should be on the clean house home maker show on the Style Network? Well you may not be able to get the “Yard Sale King” Joel Steingold to help you out, but you do not need him because you are quite capable of holding a killer garage sale yourself.

I can’t help with the rest of the home makeover as renovations are not my thing but I can help you hold that killer garage or yard sale to get the money you need for the makeover. You will find plenty of advice on how to run a very profitable yard sale on other pages of this site.


For the uninitiated, the most hyped garage sales are those held by the Clean House garage and yard sale team. The way the show works is that a family that needs to de-clutter their home and have a makeover is selected and descended upon by a 4-person cleanup and renovation crew.

However the family has got to sell some of their excess clutter in order to get rid of it and to help pay for the renovations. So the show’s hosts negotiate with the family to sell some of their ‘prized” possessions to raise the money and of course to make good TV!

Now being a television show, they obviously have the best promoted yard sale in the business. If you ever get to attend such a sale, you really should. It is crazy because it is for TV baby.

If you missed the TV promo, you will not be able to miss the hundreds of signs that get put up in your area. Just be warned that you are not going there for the bargains but of the atmosphere and the experience! You will probably be joined by a few hundred other garagesalers.

Here is a tip if you want to get on TV. Quickly look through all the items on sale and try to determine which items look like they may be “key items”. If you do, you will be asked to buy it “on camera” and you may get your few minutes of fame.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of these yard sales, you must. Trust me these are really fun.