Craigslist Garage Or Yard Sales

Craigslist is one of the best places to list your garage sale because of its huge reach. Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark in 1995 as a free community service. It makes its money from paid job postings which means that private individuals can place online classified ads for free in a large number of categories, including garage sales.

Craigslist is currently available in about 50 countries and in most major cities in the US and around the world. The charm of Craigslist is that is LOCALLY targeted. One can only post to one category and in one city, no more often than about every 48 hours. This combats abuse and for the most part ensures accuracy of the listings. Craigslist in one of the top 50 visited websites (as at 31 January 2012) so it has billions of visitors each month.

People clearly trust the source and because of this many shoppers looking for garage sales turn to Craigslist before looking at any other source. In fact many of the garage sale listing sites pull listing information directly from Craigslist to add to their sites.

Hence you definitely need to ensure that you place your garage sale listing on Craigslist. The website is

Note it is not .com but .org! Once you log onto the site you will be able to search for your location on the right hand side. Once you have narrowed it down to your city, you will see a number of MAIN CATEGOTY HEADINGS. Under the “FOR SALE” heading, you will find ‘garage sale”. click on this and you will be able to find all garage sales in your area!

If you want to post a garage sale ad, you will see a tab in the top right hand corner called “post”. Click on this and you will be presented with a range of options. Choose the one that says “garage & moving sales” and just follow fill in the blanks to post your garage sale listing on Craigslist.

Now sit back and wait for people to contact you or arrive at your sale.

A nice feature about your posting is that you can give an email address so that people can contact you. However, Craigslist will “anonymize” your e-mail address so that people will not know your real email address. Your email address will show as

You can add a detailed description of your goods for sale and you can also upload images.

Here is a list of additional free garage or yard sale lisitng sites