Examples of Garage Sale Ads

When planning a garage or yard sale you will want to put up signs and let people know about your garage or yard sale with classified ads that you place in your local press on garage sale listing sites on the internet.

As people already know that you re advertising a garage sale because it is under the “garage sale heading” try to use some other strongly emotive headline other than just plain old “garage sale”.

You should try to write headlines that insinuate something other than the obvious. For example:

“MONSTER EMIGRATIONS SALE – EVERYTHING MUST GO!” You are telling your customers that there is a deadline and because of this you are desperate to sell – you must sell everything because you cannot take it with. This implies a lot of bargains. You obviously also have a lot of stuff if it is a “monster sale”

“HUGE 6-FAMILY GARAGE SALE – STAX OF STUFF!” You are telling them that this has to be a huge sale because 6 families are involved.

“MOVING AFTER 23 YEARS – MORE STUFF THAN WE KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH!” There are probably bargains to be had, especially for antique dealers and collectors because there are things that are at least 23 years old!

I trust you are getting the point. You are indirectly telling people why they have to attend your sale just by using a creative headline.

Some other power word would include:

  • 10% donated to charity
  • Moving sale
  • Divorce sale
  • Everything must go
  • Annual sale (indicated a lot of new goods because you obviously do this every year!)

Please note that you must always be truthful, do not say that you are emigrating if you are not!

Of course the headline is your hook that draws people to read your ad ahead of all the other adverts that are listed. If you have a bit of money to spend, try to add a bit of substance to your advertisements. People will always tend to give longer ads more attention because they just feel that if the ads are longer, you must have a lot of stuff to sell. People know that advertising costs money so the inference is that if you are prepared to spend money on your ad, you must have enough good stuff to justify the expense.

This will also give you the ability to list all of your best stuff. List your best stuff first to entice people to continue reading.

In your enthusiasm to write a great headline coupled with some power words and a good description of your items for sale, please do not forget the basics. You will be amazed at how many times people place ads without the date and times of the sale and the address!

If you need a bit more inspiration for your advertisements, you can find many examples by looking in your local newspaper. There are two good online sources. You can go to www.craigslist.com and see the thousands of garage sale ads that get placed every week or just look at any of the garage sale listing sites and look through some of their ads. For a list of online listing sites see Online Garage or Yard Sale Listing Sites