Garage or Yard Sale Organizers

How would you like to make a GOOD consistent full or part time income as a garage or yard sale organizer?

Many garage sales are poorly run because most people actually have no idea how to run a decent garage or yard sale. Many people could just not be bothered and this has created a huge opportunity for a new breed of entrepreneur, the garage or yard sale organizer.

There are two ways to charge your clinets. You can either charge a flat fee or take a percentage of the proceeds. If your have good negotiation skills may be able to get both a flat fee and a percentage of the proceeds. Commission percentages range between 25-50%. Personally I will usually only do sales for 50% commission.

You can do the sale at your own premises, which does not have to be your home! Or you could do it at the client’s home.

I prefer my own premises for a few reasons. Firstly it keeps the client out of my hair and secondly, it allows me to sell a few clients goods at a time. This is important to me because I am always shooting for a minimum of $1,000 PROFIT per sale, preferably $2,000! In order to make these numbers, you have to have A LOT OF STUFF TO SELL at each sale. The easiest way to get enough inventory is to sell a few people’s stuff at once. If you do this you can also include some of your own stuff in the sale of which you will of course make 100%.

If you sell for say 3 people in one sale and then get 50% from each, it is like holding 1,5 of your own garage sales!

So what does it take to be a garage sale organizer?

You need to be a good negotiator. You need an angle to sell your services. Here is what I do:

I know that many people do not want to hold their own sale, so I hone in on this fact. I tell people about all of the difficulties in holding their own sale. It takes a lot of time, you have to advertise, deal with the public, and know how to price your goods. It is very stressful, I say. Honestly, this is not really a very hard sell to get them to agree to my services.

Sometimes negotiating the fee is a bit tricky. Here is my angle on this:

Most garage sales have an average TAKINGS (NOT PROFIT) of less than $400. This is because the “garage sale organizers” actually have no clue how to organise a good garage or yard sale. If you know what you are doing and give the public a good show, you will be able to charge MUCH HIGHER PRICES for your goods. This is fact. This is a major advantage of being a professional garage or yard sale organiser. So even though you may ask for a 50% commission, in reality it will be much less money out of your clients pocket because you will be able to get prices of 20-30% more on average than they would. And you do all the work!

Once you have the negotiations out of the way, you need to have the appropriate garage sale organizing skills. Here are some of your responsibilities:

• Help set the date and time for the garage sale
• Set up the advertising budget and campaign and carry out all of the advertising
• Collecting all inventory. Clean all inventory and repair items where you can.
• Price all inventory as expensively as you can while still ensuring that it will sell!
• Setting up the sale. This includes cleaning the area and making an attractive display. Merchandising skills are very important as they go a long way in getting higher prices.
• Handle the sale day. Deal with customers, cleaning and security
• Account for all sales after the sale and then pay over the correct proceeds to the client.
• Dispose of all inventory that does not get sold at the sale.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of skill and knowledge that goes into organizing a good garage or yard sale but it is not difficult. The key is in proper planning and being organized and prepared. Once you perfect the formula, you can make a very good, consistent full time or part time income. I hope you will join the ranks of the professional garage or yard sale organizer!

If you want a fabulous resource to teach you all of the required skills, please check out the Garage sale Blueprint at