Garage Or Yard Sale Posters

You can make your garage or yard sale posters or signs out of many different materials and in many different ways. There are numerous options open to you including making them cheaply yourself or purchasing professionally printed signs which will probably give your sale the edge in a neighbourhood full of garage or yard sale posters.

For information on what to put on the signs and where to put them see garage or yard sale sign ideas

You could use a sandwich board effect to put up signs outside your house to indicate where the actual sale is. An easy way is to just get a box from your local supermarket and stick posters on all 4 sides so it is visible from 4 different angles. Put something heavy like bricks inside to ensure it does not blow away.

You can get the signs professionally printed or you can make them yourself.

Get some corrugated cardboard boxes that your local supermarket throws away. Either ask the supermarket owner or find their dump site and help yourself. You will probably need to stick a few pieces together for strength and reinforcement.

Many people will also attach 2 pieces of wood across the top and the bottom of the sign for support. You can then drill 2 holes in the top and the bottom of the sign and attach it to the poles with cable ties or even nail them onto the poles. I prefer the cable tie method as it does not cause any damage to the poles and it is very secure.

I personally prefer to use correx – which is just like a plastic cardboard. It has plastic flutes covered by 2 pieces of plastic. They come in different thicknesses but 2mm should be thick enough for your needs. The thicker it is, the stronger it will be.

Correx boards are very hardy and will resist severe weather conditions, especially rain. It can be quite demoralising to see all your hard work washed away by some heavy rain!

Try to have a uniform look to all your posters. This will make sure that people following your garage sale poster trail, will know exactly where your sale is because all of the boards leading to your sale are the same. If you purchase professionally printed posters, this will be easy. If you make them yourself and they all look a bit different then you should try to at least have some distinguishing characteristic for all your posters such as attaching pin wheels or balloons to all your signs.