Garage or Yard Sale Sign Ideas

What makes the best garage sale sings? This is a very important question in the life of someone who is planning a garage sale. Your garage or yard sale signs are often the one thing that draws customers to your sale. If you get your garage sale signs wrong it can cost you a lot of customers.

So what makes for good garage sale sings?

Brevity is a key here. Do not put any more information on your signs than is necessary. This is because motorists will be moving at some speed and the eye can only take in a limited amount of information. You would like motorists to be able to see the boards from 10-15 yards/meters away.

Just put the key information on the sign.

Especially if they are at traffic intersections because cars are moving so the drivers and passengers do not have a lot of time to read a lot of information. You only have their attention for a few seconds.

The most important message is “garage sale”. Make this one third of your sign.

Then give the date and times and lastly the address.

The reason for this is that once they know that there is a garage sale, if they are interested, they will even turn the car around and drive past your sign again to get the rest of the important information such as the address. But if you did not capture their interest in the first place, you have no chance of getting them to your home.

Are your signs legal?

You must ensure that your signs are legal. Many local authorities have strict rules around signage. You need to find out the following:

• Are you allowed to have signs in the first place?
• Do you need a permit for the signs and how much will it cost?
• Are there any size limits on the signs and on the size of the lettering on the signs?
• Where can you put the signs?
• How many signs is one allowed to put up?
• Are there any other specific requirements for the signs ?

Please get the necessary permission to put up your signs. If you put up illegal signs you risk 2 things. Firstly you could incur a huge fine and secondly it would be a shame for your signs to be taken down at the time you need them the most – on the day of the sale!

Also, please be sensible. Do not put them on traffic lights or on road signs or roundabouts. Make sure that they do not cause a traffic hazard.

Where to put the signs:

You will put these signs up outside your house as well as on lampposts or telephone poles at the key traffic intersections leading to your house.

You should put directional arrows on the signs from these intersections.

Your sign map:

Before you know how many signs to make or have made, you need to know where you are going to put them.

This may be a budgetary issue but try to put up as many as possible.

Get in your car and physically drive the route that your customers will drive on their way to your house. Your goal is to identify all of the logical places that you will need to put up directional signs to ensure that you do not miss anyone in your catchment area.