Garage Sale Flyer Ideas

Flyers or pamphlets as they are also known are an important part of your garage sale arsenal.

There are basically 2 different types of flyers:

1. Single flyers that will be put up on notice boards and
2. Bulk distribution flyers

Single flyers for notice boards:

Many supermarkets have such community bulletin boards. You can also put them up on school and church notice boards. You can also ask your local shops if you could put one on the counter or up in their window.

Also distribute them to second hand and pawn shops, antique dealers and other speciality shops. For example if you have a good selection of books, send one to the local second hand bookshop. You are advertising directly to the professionals. They may buy a whole lot of your stuff before it even gets to the garage sale.

You can get them printed at your local copy shop or print them yourself on your home printer. I would try to make these flyers full colour prints with some nice eye catching graphics or photo’s.

Create tear off strips to the bottom or the side of your flyer for people who do not have a pen and paper handy. Just include the important details – when, where & what time. To be really sneaky, pre-tear off a couple of strips to make it look like others have already taken a strip because they intend coming to your sale – it stirs interest.

Bulk flyers:

As these will cost more to print and distribute, a single colour print will do. You are just trying to get all of the important information to people so that they know about your sale.

Distribute them by getting your local post office to put them into post office boxes. But please check the regulations in your country or city before you go to the expense of printing flyers as some counties and cities do not allow this.

You should also try to get them delivered to peoples street post boxes (if allowed) in about a 2-mile radius of your house. You could either do this yourself but I prefer to get professional companies who specialise in this type of thing to do it.

What information to put on your flyers:

All of the information that we spoke about for classified ads above are relevant for flyers. For a recap please see minimum information under the classified ad discussion.

However you need to add these additional things:

Because people will have more time to read these, you can put much more information on them.

I still recommend using one third for the headline but the rest of the space can be used to tell people about your sale in a lot more detail.

List all of your products for sale.

This is your opportunity to really “sell” your garage sale, so make the most of it. Sell the features and benefits of your most unusual items and your most sought after items. Put these items first so that people will continue reading your whole flyer after your headline has hooked them in.

List sizes and brand names.

For ideas on flyer design, just use Google images and search for “garage sale flyer” or something similar.