Garage sale pricing tags

Garage sale pricing tags or garage sale pricing stickers are one of the most important elements of pricing your goods for your garage or yard sale.

The golden rule is to ALWAYS PUT A PRICE ON AN ITEM!. This is not a mystery game. Just let people know what the price is so that they do not have to bug you every time they want to know what it is.

Also many people will not ask, they just will not buy the product even if they think they want it.

Always use price stickers that can be easily removed without damaging the product. You may have to experiment a bit with stickers that you can get from your local stationery store to see which stickers best fit the bill. You can use painter’s masking tape. If you do, please cut the pieces neatly to avoid it looking like a dog’s breakfast. If you do not want the hassle of preparing a whole bunch of garage sale pricing stickers and tags, you can buy readymade stickers.

A good tactic is to have different coloured stickers that could represent different prices. This way you would actually know that anything with say a green sticker is $1 and a red Sticker costs $2 etc.

This will allow you to put up a sign on a table saying: “all items on this table $2”. This is important in case someone picks up a product and then changes their mind and then puts it down on another table. If it is colour coded, you will always know the price and your customers will easily recognise this too. Even though you do this, you should still put the actual price on the stickers.

If you put a brief description on the price sticker, you will also easily be able to tell that you are selling the correct item at the nominated price. This can help with customer theft or error. Some unscrupulous customers may try to take a sticker or tag off a $2 item and place it in a $5 item. If it has the description on it, you will know that the price of the more expensive item is incorrect!