Good Garage Or Yard Sale Ads

Almost as important as placing garage sale advertisements is the quality of the garage or yard sale ads that you place.  Let us look at the most prevalent form of garage sale advertising, the humble classified ad.

Classified ads:

One of the best places to advertise your classified ads is in your local press, free advert papers and free internet advertising sites.

Primarily this is because people have become so used to looking at classified ads for garage sales.

Most classified advertising mediums have a specific section for “garage sales”.  You do not have to train people to look at classified ads, they know that this is where to go.  Classified advertising is also relatively cheap.

You should check your local classified advertising forum to see when most of the garage sale adverts are run and make sure that you run them in the same edition.

As a minimum you should run your classified ads in the newspapers the day before the sale as well as on the day of the sale/s.  If you can afford it, run it for 2-3 days before the start of the sale.

Another useful avenue is the internet.  Just Google “garage sale listing” and you will find many sites adverting garage sales all over the country where you can list your sale for free.

You should be running your free internet ads for about 2 weeks before the sale starts.  Any longer will just be a waste of time because people never plan this far ahead!

Minimum information:

Study your local classified ads for some inspiration and layouts that work.  You should certainly have the following minimum information in your advert:

Your address – you many choose to only give your street address and not the house number.  This will avoid unwanted guests who just decide to drop in before the sale to see whether they can get a sneak peak.  They will find their way to the sale on the day by following your directional signs.

The specific dates and times of the sale

Whether inclement weather will cancel the garage sale or not.

A more detailed description of the types of items you have for sale.  You may want to list some of your more unique items or have a general description of the popular product grouping such as books, clothes and ornaments.

For examples of good advertising wording see examples of good garage sale ads