How does one make money at garage or yard sales?

If you are reading this then I hope that you are not going to be one of the millions of people who settle for the average garage sale takings of less than $400 per sale. This is one of the reasons that many people do not hold garage sales. They think that it is not worth their time and effort.

But they are wrong!

Did you know that there are over 10 million garage sales in the US alone every year. That should be getting you really excited! This is because if you choose to become a garage sale professional you will have plenty of people to attend your sales. The concept is already proven…build the garage or yard sale (and advertise) and they will come!

Organising a garage or yard sale is not difficult. To make proper money is not difficult either. You need t know a few tricks of the trade, plan and organise the sale properly and you should be able to make $2,000 a month. That is not a misprint. I said $2,000!

The one thing organising a garage sale does involve is a little work and effort. Surprisingly many people are not prepared to put in this effort and so they will settle for a few hundred bucks when they could make a lot more.

This is good news for you! I am sure you have already worked out that you cannot keep selling your own stuff month after month! So to make proper money as I am suggesting you need to hold garage sales for others. This is where others will pay you for your organizational skills.

Garage sales often happen when people move house. Moving house is the THIRD most stressful event in one’s life behind changing jobs or losing a loved one. So while many people would love to hold a garage sale, the stress levels and lack of time just dissuade them from doing so. They still have the problem of too much junk that they KNOW they should get rid of rather than take it to the new house. If you choose to accept this mission to rid the nation of junk, you will have no shortage customers.

One of the major differences between professional garage sale organisers and the general public is that the pros know the value of their merchandise. When one puts on a world class garage or yard sale, one can charge higher prices that most one off garage salers charge. So even though your clients may have to pay you a commission, they will be happy to do so because you will get higher prices than them anyway and you do all the work.

I never take on a garage sale for less than 50% commission. Most people are more than happy to pay this for the reasons already mentioned above. In a lot of cases people will just give you the stuff! After the garage sale there are always a few items that remain unsold. Some people will want to donate them to charity but very few people want the items back! They will often give you these items too, so you have some starting inventory for your next sale.

The idea is to sell at least 2-3 people’s merchandise per sale. If you sell 3 people’s goods and get 3 x 50% commission, this is equivalent to holding 1,5 times your own garage sale! I am sure you are beginning to see the true potential of this business.

If you are interested in finding out more about the business opportunity, please investigate the Garage Sale blueprint course which consists of 10 videos going behind the scenes of an actual garage sale to show you exactly how it is done. There are also a few modules on the business side of things explaining record keeping and accounting. You can find more information at