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Helping people make money has always been a passion of mine, not to mention making a few bucks myself.  Garage sales are an easy tried and test way to make money which so many people desperately need to do right now.

I see so many poor garage sales and it frustrates me because I believe that if one is going to go to all the trouble to hold a garage sale, then one should do it properly and make some decent money.

I eventually realised that most people do not really know how to organise a good garage sale.  While there is so much information on the internet with everybody and their dog giving garage sale tips and advice it is very difficult to find compressive information all in one place.

This site is intended to fix this problem and I have attempted to give all the advice that one would need to run a good, well organized and profitable garage sale.

For those that want the information on a plate, I highly recommend checking out our sister site www.garagesaleblueprint.com which has a 10 video garage sale course showing you everything behind the scenes from start to finish.  A real live garage sale was videoed and to produce this course.  It covers absolutely everything you need to know about how to run a profitable garage sale.  It also goes into detail about how to make a good consistent monthly income from garage sales either full time or part time.

For everyone else, here is GARAGE SALE ADVICE.  My goal is to make it the most comprehensive garage sale resource on the planet both for garage sale organizers and all you rabid shoppers.  Please feel free to explore all the advice pages which are full of good, useful content.  Just click on the areas that you feel you would like information on and it should all be there for you.

Thanks for visiting and let me wish you all a stress free, well organized and profitable garage sale!

James Molfetas

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