Where to find garage sales?

This question is as important for garage sale shoppers as it is for the garage sale organisers. If you are organising a garage sale you need to think like your customers! Every weekend they ask themselves the question “ where do we find garage sales to attend today”?

If you can answer that question then you will get them to your sale!

Many people are still content to just follow the signs every weekend but many other garagesalers have become much more discerning. Others will also get up early to buy the local newspaper to find all the sales of the day. The internet has made this much easier for people to find and some enterprising people have build some tremendous websites that make it a cinch for people to plan their entire garage sale route.

For a list of the best online garage sale listings see listings of online garage or yard sales

If you are holding a garage sale, I suggest you list your sale on EVERY SITE that you can. Most of these sites are FREE. Only a few charge for a listing. The reason it is free is because those sites make their money from advertising. They know that if they can get enough people to their site, they will be able to make money from their advertisers.

Now that you know that there is no catch for you and that mostly it really is free, let us look at the attributes of the best sites. The best sites are going to be the ones with the most listings. If you are only going to post your listing on a few sites, then pick the ones with the most sales listings. Pay particular attention to your local area. Go onto the sites and search for sales in your area. If you found sites with a lot of sales, you know you have found a winner.

There may also be a number of locally dedicated sites. So if you stay in Fort Lauderdale, there may well be a site that is specific to your city. You definitely want to advertise there. The same will be true of your local press.

Also advertise in the many free online classified ad sites. Many of the free classified ads papers also allow private individuals to place free ads. This will include both the print and online version.

Some of the specialist garage sale listing sites will let you place your adverts months ahead of time, while others only allow a couple of weeks. Place your online ads as soon as you can. Ads in the local press should only be placed a week in advance because you have to pay for these and most people do not plan much further than 1 week ahead.

Most of these sites will allow people to search via state, city or zip code.

Some of the more advanced ones, have even incorporated Google maps and gps co-ordinates so people can plan out their entire route. The really clever ones have even developed mobile aps that can be downloaded so people can find sales off their cell phones.